• Stephen McCarron

Your nation needs you and your slogans.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

So, following my last slogan rant, we now have a new one to spearhead government comms.

Hands. Face. Space. Great. Thanks.

Again, it looks like another comms slogan where no comms professionals have been involved.

A bunch of politicians designing a slogan at the end of a busy day in a 15 min zoom brainstorm session.

This is what you get.

A re-statement of the basic Covid-Safety fundamentals.

But surely we know these fundamentals already don’t we? Do we need the government to simply patronise us by reminding us of the C-S basics? Surely our comms during a time of national crisis can work a little bit harder than this?

It is another reminder that good communications require experts in their craft to understand complex behavioural problems and to design nuanced and motivating messaging.

Surely the comms strategy should be based on a more intricate understanding of the national psyche and what is required at a time of uncertainty, anxiety and general lockdown fatigue?

A comms approach designed to tackle the bigger issues of confidence, uncertainty, and constant change, and the psychological problems that accompany these.

A slogan that enables the government to show itself as empathetic, and supportive to the nation in these extraordinarily demanding times.

Maybe the slogan should encompass the need to foster resilience and build morale during a time where we’ll all be called upon to make sudden and demanding changes? Something like ‘Be Safe. Adapt. Thrive.’ would be better?

The current approach feels one dimensional at a time where patience and goodwill are at a low ebb.

So, comms professionals across the land, please post your alternative suggestions here, and do your nation the public service it needs!

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